At Our Roofers, We Get Your Project Done Right!

At Our Roofers, We Get Your Project Done Right!

There are a lot of roofers but when it comes to doing the job right, there’s really not much competition. All-Tex Exteriors: Roofers attention to detail and passion for quality work has always been the number one reason why many Austin homeowners insist on working with us. Right off the bat we provide only firm and detailed price quotes along with completely comprehensive project proposals so that our clients don’t just know what work needs to be done, they also know precisely what they’ll be spending on.

Here at Roofers Austin, we will never leave you with an estimate that will leave you guessing. Our goal is to ensure your project’s success and that’s what we focus on from start to finish.

We Prepare Your Project Properly
As a company that is always up-to-date with the latest legislation and bylaws, we command the best system management to make sure we are always on, if not ahead of, schedule. We make it a priority to ensure that your project goes smoothly and has all the required permits needed for every stage.

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Once you decide to work with us, a meeting is arranged between you and your very own Roofers project manager and sales representative to make sure that you are satisfied with the project plan that we have presented. When you give us the go signal, we immediately prepare all of the necessary paperwork and begin your roofing project.

Ensuring Your Safety and That of Your Home

Despite having a well-thought-out project, there’s always the chance of encountering dangerous situations and not being able to avoid them. While this is always a present risk, we  never start a project unprepared. We provide ample Workers’ Compensation Coverage for every one of our crew members and $2M in Liability Insurance, an amount twice the state requirement, of which you are a part of as an additional insured to ensure that both you and your home are kept safe during the course of our work.

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Our After-Sale Commitment
Most roofing companies would fix your roof and leave, never to follow-up and see if you’re satisfied with their work or if they’ve done the job properly. Here at Roofers , however, we continue to look after your home well after you have deemed that the project has been completed. After construction, we invite you to attend a final walk-through wherein you can assess the quality of our work and to see if you are satisfied with the results.

During the walk-through, we will also provide you with a well-organized portfolio containing all of the paperwork that we’ve gathered during the course of your project. Your Roofers construction manager and project representative will go through all of the documents with you in detail, from the price quotes to manufacturers’ warranties to ensure that you not only have a comprehensive record of your home improvement project but also know precisely who to call in the event that there are any problems. And even when those warranties are no longer valid, you can also count on us to answer any questions that you might have. We’ll even drop by your home if that will provide you with peace of mind.

Let Our Roofers Make Your Project a Success

Now that you know what we can do for your home, why not let our elite team handle your project? Or if you still have your doubts about us, simply fill in the form below so that we can begin with an absolutely free on-site assessment and detailed project proposal. We’ll be sure to schedule our first meeting for a time that you find most convenient.

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